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      Four Seasons Hotel

      Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt

      Seaside glamour on the Egyptian riviera
      399 El Geish Road, P.O Box 164

      With Egyptian underpinnings and a sleek waterfront setting, our resort-style Hotel embodies modern Alexandria and its unique cosmopolitan flare. On one side, the Mediterranean Sea glistens in the sun; on the other, a dynamic metropolis buzzes with life. Wake to welcome views of either side from your room’s balcony, then head for a stroll along our private beach tucked along a bay in the middle of the city. We’ll show you Egypt from a whole new perspective.


      • Sea-View Room

        Soft blues or greens set against a yellow background bring the colours of our ancient port city inside, while a private balcony lets you wake to breakfast by the sea.

      • Sea-View One-Bedroom Suite

        Some of Alexandria’s most beautiful views can be found in these upper-floor suites, where you can step onto either of your two outdoor terraces to admire the rolling waters of the Mediterranean.

      • Close-up of Presidential Suite patio round wood table with open book and orange juice, chair cushion, ocean view
        Presidential Suite

        With its classic European aesthetic, breezy décor and spacious living areas both indoors and out, this top-floor, three-bedroom seaside haven will make you never want to leave.

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      Summer getaway

      Sweeping views of the Mediterranean will make you almost forget you’re in the middle of the city.

      San Stefano Beach

      An underground tunnel leads you safely across the Corniche to our private seaside playground, where a golden stretch of sandy beach, beach suites, sun-bed lounges and the lapping waters of the Mediterranean are yours for the taking.

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      Alexandria by Four Seasons



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