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      Advertise With Four Seasons Magazine

      Advertiser Information

      Four Seasons Magazine is the premier luxury lifestyle magazine, mirroring the global reach of the Four Seasons brand, the upscale, sophisticated tastes of its guests and elegant surroundings they find themselves in while part of the Four Seasons experience. The contemporary oversized format adds breadth to the sophisticated design and contributions from some of the world’s best writers, photographers and illustrators bring the magazine to life.

      For more information, contact:
      Jenny Seckler, Associate Publisher
      Pace Communications
      Email Jenny Seckler

      +1 646-856-8327

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      For general inquiries, contact:

      Digital Media Kit


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      Leaderboard 728 x 90
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      Accepted File Formats

      • Standard Image Files ( JPG, GIF, PNG )
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      Sectional sponsorships within the site offer category exclusivity and exclusive share of voice within the particular section of the site. Homepage banners and banners on destination landing pages and Concierge Recommends are included in rotation with any sectional sponsorship.

      Categories include:

      • Kids & Family
      • Local Secrets
      • Art & Culture
      • Design & Style
      • Drink
      • Food
      • Thrive
      • Adventure
      • Sports
      • Wellness

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