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      Four Seasons Resort

      Nevis, West Indies

      Infinite perfect places in one perfect paradise
      P.O. Box 565, Pinney’s Beach, Charlestown, Nevis West Indies, Caribbean

      A place where love and harmony is ever-present, Nevis is a spirited and soulful haven, where both serenity and adventure can be pursued endlessly. Our island home is beaming with natural beauty, from the green summit of Nevis Peak, down to the sugar-soft sand of Pinney’s Beach. Play golf alongside the Green Vervet monkeys, dive into the sea to explore the nearby reefs, reconnect with nature at our serene Spa, or toast the colourful sunset as you dine on the water’s edge. Whatever your preference, here in paradise, the opportunities for perfection are infinite.


      • Nevis Peak View Room bed with white linens, wicker bench, sofa and chair, glass patio door
        Nevis Peak-View Room

        As the sun rises over the majestic Nevis Peak and streams into your room, you can’t help but feel inspired and ready for another day of adventure.

      • Kalinago Suite

        As you step from your suite’s private patio directly onto the lawn and down to the sugar-soft sand of Pinney’s beach, the fresh ocean breeze will envelop you just as it did the indigenous Kalinago people of Nevis.

      • Light shines onto a large bed and marble tiled floors from the outdoor patio
        Ocean-View Room

        Let the gentle sound of the waves and palm fronds flowing in the wind connect you to the tropical paradise surrounding you as you look out to the ocean across our lush gardens from your balcony or patio.

      • Indigo Suite

        Streaming with natural light and spacious surroundings, you’ll enjoy provided by the lush flora and fauna of Nevis that once produced an abundance of indigo dye, one of Nevis' first cash crops.

      • Palm Grove Residence exterior behind private pool, lounge chairs on deck
        Six-Bedroom Palm Grove Villa

        Surrounded by flourishing flowers and gorgeous greenery, this cozy Caribbean hideaway is what family reunion dreams are made of. Each room has its own unique charm, and the private plunge pool and extra-large porch are perfect for sunset swims or breakfasts al fresco with friends.

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      In the garden

      Warm water cascades off of the volcanic stones of our hot water pool, sustaining your sense of serenity after your Spa treatment.

      The Spa

      A tropical sanctuary lush with greenery, herbs and blooms, our Spa is a Garden of Eden-like environment, ideal to enjoy the sounds and scents of Mother Nature as you realign body and spirit.

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      Nestled amongst the flora and fauna of Nevis, our Spa lets nature provide the soundtrack of a complete wellness experience.

      Asheena Farrell Spa Manager

      Nevis by Four Seasons

      It’s amazing to see how much fun guests have when they make their kites. The more intricate the design, the better. It really makes for a beautiful sight when their colourful creations take to the sky.

      Jonathan Dutil Guest Experiences Coordinator


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