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      New York Downtown

      Spa and Wellness

      Let us arrange a personalized spa experience for you 1 (646) 880-1990 Book a Treatment


      Every day
      7:00 am – 9:00 pm

      Custom Experiences

      Spa Services

      Massage and Bodywork

      Relax and recover with a wide variety of healing massages.

      Luxury Skin Care

      Benefit from our powerfully effective treatments from Dr. Burgener Switzerland, Omorovicza and Soveral.

      Body Rituals

      Bring a natural glow to your skin with our signature body scrubs and masks.

      Nail Care

      Refresh your look with a pampering manicure or pedicure.

      Meditation and Fitness

      Embrace wellness for the mind as well as the body.

      Wellness Packages

      Treat yourself to a multifaceted spa package.

      Haute Couture by Dr Burgener

      This extraordinarily effective skin-care program is tailored to your individual needs.

      Seasonal Offerings

      Find special offers here.

      We can arrange virtually anything. 1 (646) 880-1990 Book a Treatment

      Resident Healers

      Air Beautiful

      A premium one-on-one session before, during and after travel by Snow Shimazu, certified travel wellness specialist. Snow incorporates mediation, yoga and advanced massage therapies into her healing methods.

      Nuurvana Healing

      Work with Deganit Nuur, our acupuncturist, certified herbalist, clairvoyant intuitive, meditation instructor and healer, to improve spiritual well-being.

      The Cristalline

      Rashia Bell will teach you how to incorporate the healing power of crystals into your everyday life to create balance and harmony.

      Sonic Alchemy

      Michelle Pirret delivers profound auditory exploration that stimulates the imagination and connects one to their intuition and higher self.

      Wellness Experiences

      Next-Gen Wellness Workshop Calendar

      January 9
      Time: 9:00 am Class: Rythym Dance Instructor: Nicole Sievers Ages: 3–5 years
      January 15
      Time: 9:00 am Class: Crystal Instructor: Rashia Bell Ages: 5–10 years
      January 22
      Time: 6:30 pm Class: Kids Fitness Instructor: Mickey Hodge Ages: 6–10 years
      January 29
      Time: 9:00 am Class: Copeira Instructor: Professor Lua Ages: 4–7 years
      Let us arrange a group experience for you 1 (646) 880-1990 Contact


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