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      Four Seasons Safari Lodge


      Your Sanctuary in the Savannah
      Central Serengeti, Serengeti National Park, P.O. Box 14321

      Join us deep in the heart of the world’s most celebrated wildlife reserves, where the Big Five – the lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhinoceros – run free on the endless, untamed landscape. Perched on a series of elevated platforms and walkways, our Lodge sits next to an animal watering hole, where you can watch a family of elephants stop for their morning drink as you sip your own out on your room’s private balcony. Under the constant protection of local Maasai tribes people, we’ll take you in the bush for an exhilarating game drive, or you can soar high in the sky on a hot-air balloon safari. However you spend your day, our Spa is waiting to help you rehydrate, restore and re-energize for your next adventure. Our only question – where would you like to begin?


      • Terrace Suite coffee tables, sofas with colourful print accent pillows, open patio wall
        Terrace Suite

        Take a dip in your private, infinity-edge plunge pool alongside views of the savannah, then rinse off in your outdoor shower before retreating to the bedroom or a separate sitting room.

      • Savannah Room tied curtains in front of wicker loveseat on patio by elephants, waterhole
        Savannah Room Waterhole View

        Recline under a thatched roof on your private balcony and enjoy a direct view onto our animal watering hole, where elephants and other wildlife are frequent visitors.

      • Presidential Villa tan leather sofas, chairs around table, large dining room, open wall
        Presidential Villa

        Perfect for family vacations, this extra-spacious, thatched-roof villa lets you gather together for a meal prepared by your private chef, spend a lazy day lounging in and around your infinity-edge pool, and recounting the day’s adventures on any one of your private balconies under a vast, star-lit sky.

      • Savannah Room poster bed and canopy behind wicker loveseat, small table
        Savannah Room

        Contemporary African-design elements and a shaded private terrace capture the essence of the untamed plains outside, while a deep soaking tub, a refrigerated bar and a flat-screen TV provide all the comforts of home.

      • Two-bedroom villa side of poster bed with white canopy, open patio wall
        Two-Bedroom Villa

        A living and dining room and an expansive pool deck separate the two bedrooms in these residential-style villas, creating enough privacy for when you need it, as well as plenty of place to come together when you want.

      • Green tile plunge pool in front of open villa bedroom wall
      • Guests in green-and-yellow striped hot air balloon rising from field
      Couple takes photos on walking safari through tall grass with guides

      Serengeti by Private Jet

      Board the all-new Jet for an around-the-world journey like no other, and stop in Serengeti for exclusive experiences including a naturalist-led trek through the bush and a torchlit barbeque feast in the heart of Serengeti National Park.

      Hello, Neighbour

      Get to know the family of elephants that share our address.

      Infinity Pool

      Spend a quiet day lounging on a sun bed by our free-form, infinity-edge pool, watching elephants gather for a drink at the nearby active watering hole beneath an endless turquoise sky.

      • Man watches herd of elephants at pond from edge of infinity pool
      • View over dining patio, outdoor pool to pond, field

      Even after returning from safari, you can still enjoy the magic of seeing wildlife up-close when simply relaxing by the pool.

      Martin Cody General Manager

      Serengeti by Four Seasons

      On a walking safari, you have the chance to see the nature in a completely different way than from a vehicle. It is a step-by-step discovery of the Serengeti.

      Ahmed Attas Discovery Centre Manager


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